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We present our Styled Collection, offering great value for money. Always complete inside and out.

Introducing our New Easy 4 Step system to a 100% Complete & Fixed Price

Fixed price on your land
  • Now that you have your block of land, you will want to find a builder to construct a house. We provide you an easy way to get a fixed price quote on your land.

  • You can do this the hard way or our way, which many clients find is easier and more transparent. We don’t believe in taking many weeks to get to a final price, but instead we price your home 100% complete, inside and out within 7 days.

  • Our pricing method leaves nothing unknown. Our price is the contract price and we will build your house at this price, without any uncertainty.

100% complete inside and out
No uncertainty
Base Price

We start with the Base price for the house. We add all the luxury upgrades to this price

We assess the site cost, including effect of easements, fall of land, retaining walls, slab engineering and rock removal.

Site Costs

We add all the cost needed to meet the MCP, Developers Guidelines and Council Levies and other cost to meet 6 star energy rating.


Now we add what most other builders don't. Landscaping, fencing, a letterbox, clothes line and some plants and shrubs to get you started.

  • Because we understand the importance of 'price'. We have a rigorous method to make sure we quote you a Fixed and Complete price. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that your build will be within your budget. 

Together our Builders have won in excess of 150 Awards

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