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Knockdown and Rebuild
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Talk to your Council

Conduct some research and prepare, your council is a good place to start. They will advise you of their process. In most cases these are the steps that your will have to take.

  • Your should apply for an Asset Protection Permit.

  • Appoint a demolition company.

  • You will require a Demolition Permit, this should be done by the demolition company.

  • The power and gas will be disconnected from your property, before you commence with the demolition of the existing home.

  • Cap the sewer connection.

Note: When planning to demolish your home, you should speak to your council and find out as much as possible about any potential issues that you may not know about, such has hidden septic tanks, wells or pools, pipes and anything else that may hinder the reconstruction of your home on your block of land.

The more you know about your land and what’s under it, the less likely you will have cost that may escalate before or during construction.

About sewers and electricity

If your home was built prior to 1989, then the chances are that you will have clay pipes on your land. If this is so, then our pricing will have to include the cost of converting these clay pipes to PVC pipes.

Check your storm water discharge. If your discharge is to the kerb, then an additional charged pump will need to be installed.

Power connections: Is the power to your home via overhead wires, if so then you will need an electricity pit to be installed before we can run underground power to your home. This can be done by applying to your electricity provider, who will guide your thought this process. It can take a bit of time, therefore this need to be done as soon as possible.


You will also need to consider if you need single phase or three phase power. Normally required if you are installing refrigerated air conditioning to your home.

About trees and fencing

If your property has trees that your want to retain, then you will need to let us know, because if that tree is close to the new home, then a root barrier will be required.

In most older homes, the fencing will need to be replaced, as normally you will not be permitted to retain old fencing unless it is in very good condition. Also if your garage is on the boundary, then after demolition, you will have to replace that part of the fence with your neighbour.

Part of your fixed price to build a home, will be a reestablishment survey.

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