This is why you should start your investment journey

Can you save $100,000 in under three years? it's only by investing in property that you and your family can reach your goal of paying of your mortgage and creating real wealth. When you have more of what you desire, you can share it with your family and build a future. 

Increase your wealth in under 3 years

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In this simulation you can see how an investment into property can increase your wealth in a short time. Picking the right home in the right suburb is important, therefore our role is to present you with the facts to help you make an informed choice. Investing uses 'leverage' to borrow money to buy multiple properties over a short period of time. 

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In this simulation you can see how leverage works. The price of the investment was $595,650. To buy this investment the deposit was 10%, $59,565. The holding period was 3 years. The bank lent 90% of the value of the investment $536,085. After 3 years the property was sold and the Net Sales Proceeded before tax is $189,090. 

Things you should know before you start.

Monthly Cash Flow - this is the figure of how much money is balance after you have paid all the expenses related to your property. This includes the mortgage and all the running expenses. If you select the correct property you will have a result as in this simulation, a positive Cash Flow. In this example, after all expenses your property will return $242 per month. 

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Purchase Cost - This is the amount of costs associated with buying a residential home. It normally consists of Stamp Duty, Registration, Solicitors fees and other adjustments that may be required at the time when you settle on the property. This amount is on top of your deposit and must be available in cash. 

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Total Cash Needed - This is the total cash you will require to buy an investment property. It consists of the Purchase Costs plus the deposit you have decided to put towards your investment purchase. These two amount would be considered your Capital.  

Cash Flow Before Tax CFBT - This is the amount of Cash flow available after all the expenses have been deducted, including the Loan payment. In this simulation the CFBT is 15% of the net rent you receive after Vacancy Loss. It is important to always have a buffer for a period of time after the completion of your investment home, during which when you will not have a tenant, as it may take a couple of weeks to find one. 

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Financial Analysis - In this simulation there are some very interesting Financial Measures and Investment Ratios that are relevant to making a good decision. The more knowledge you have the more confident you will be when making a decision to invest into property. Make an appointment with us at Invst Australia to take part in specialised investment education sessions. 

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How a deposit of $59,650 becomes $189,000.